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WAS website is back!

 Well folks, its been a rough 18 months with multiple moves and multiple job complications.... unemployment, employment, then unemployment again.  I could not afford to pay for the site.  I am still unemployed, but wanted to get the site back up, because I think it is important to do so.   So, for at least a month, it is back up and running. 

Hope this finds you all well.


David Lynch

WAS Website facilitator

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Apr 26, 2011
Back in the saddle again!
The Wakkanai AS website is back!
Mar 23, 2011
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Feb 20, 2007
Website Updates
New Pictures, Reunion Info tab added, Over 600,000 hits, Nearly 1200 images on the site.
Jul 23, 2006
New Photos from October 1961 to January 1963
Over 100 new photos of 1961-63 Wakkanai and Wakkanai Air Station donated to the Wakkanai Air Station Website by Dean Wood.
Jun 28, 2005
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The latest news about the Wakkanai Air Station Website. Sent to you at your request.
Apr 22, 2005
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Aug 27, 2003