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Wakkanai Related Links

Robert W. Smith's Books
Take a look at reviews of Wakkanai Alum Robert W. Smith's upcoming book "The Sakhalin Collection." Coming to the public in September 2007, an exciting political thriller set amidst the sights, sounds and smells of Wakkanai and Sapporo, Japan. Places you will likely remember.
Port of Wakkanai Web page
This is the web page maintained by the Port of Wakkanai.  It has some recent photos and descriptions about the port and nearby attractions.  It is also linked to the City of Wakkanai web page
The Charm of Hokkaido Web site
This is a nice web site with descriptions and photos of places in Hokkaido, including Wakkanai.
Far East Network Web Site
Dr. Jim Grubbs maintains this excellent site devoted to the Far East Network. 
Frank Bergin's 6986th RSM Website
Frank Bergin's website is rich with photographs, memories and links.  Check it out! It's an excellent site.
Far East Network '69
In 1969 things were in a state of change worldwide.  The Far East Network, part of AFRTS, was no exception.  This website reflects the views and state of mind of those young men and women who represented the emerging change in concensus.  Its worth a look.
Robert A. Lopez's SmugMug Website
This site is replete with very recent photos of Wakkanai and Northern Hokkaido.
Wakkanai photo wallpapers
This web page, maintained by Yoshihiro Nakagawa, offers photo wallpapers of Wakkanai.
Military Brats's Registry
Marc Curtis, a "Military Brat" himself, started this website as a way to help long lost friends reuinite.  When I joined the site in 1997 there were fewer than 10,000 entries.  Now, in 2005, there are 73,773 entries from military dependents, including 23 from Wakkanai Air Station.  You can read profiles free when you register, but in order to help defray the costs, Marc has had to charge a fee for the privilege of obtaining email access to your compatriots.  This is a worthy project and Marc could use your financial support.  Make a visit today.
PBS Nova - Legends of the Ainu
This is a beautiful site exploring the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido.
The Ainu Museum
This is a nice link to an English language presentation by the Ainu Museum in Hokkaido.
Hokkaido Shimbun Press
This English language site provides news of Hokkaido.
Stars & Stripes Pacific Edition
This is a link to the online version of the Pacific Edition of Stars & Stripes.
Ray Raflik's "My Life and Times at Detachment 18"
This is a nice site that shows Wakkanai Air Station in the 1950's.  Good photos and thoughtful text make this site worth checking out.
Wakkanai City Webcam
The old webcam through a French link went away. Here is a new Japanese webcam link.
Bill McCusker's Website
Bill McCusker was in Wakkanai in the Mid '60's and has some good pictures there. Worth a look see.
Paul Duplessis's Wakkanai Pages
Paul Duplessis has some good photos and commentary of his times in Wakkanai back in the 50's. Definitely worth a look!
Bill Person's Web Page
Wakkanai veteran and author Bill Person has a website that is worth checking out.
Japan Tourism Agency Natural Places Website
Wayne Tippin recommended this site. There are beautiful pictures of Wakkanai, Rishuri, and Rebun Island. Take a look.
Tsuguhiko Matsubara's Town In Wakkanai Website
Tsuguhiko Matsubara, a resident of and businessman in Wakkanai recently started a website devoted to Wakkanai City. He added a link to our website because it contains many pictures of old downtown before the fire a few years ago that destroyed much of downtown. He also took the trouble to go to the old Wakkanai Air Station and took numerous photos that he donated to the Wakkanai Air Station website. Please visit his site.
USAFSS Roll Call USAFSS Roll Call
This website is for former USAFSS personnel and has around 700 enrolled members.