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Wakkanai Was My Home


Welcome to the Wakkanai Air Station, Japan website!  Many of you visiting this site are like me, in that Wakkanai Was My Home.  Whether you served in the military, were a civilian employee, a dependent, or a Japanese national employee, Wakkanai Air Station was part of your life.  Most people who visited the former incarnation of this site had fond remembrances of Wakkanai, but even those who did not, could not say it left them unchanged.  Make your self at home, the site will grow as much and as quickly as we can manage.  While this site began with my family photos of Wakkanai, it grew many times over because of the generous donations of time and photos of many former Wakkanains, people like you.  My hope is that this will be a permanent tribute to the place, and the people who lived, loved, and served in Wakkanai, Japan. How it grows is largely up to you. Thanks for visiting and come again!

David Lynch, Website Facilitator