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Recent Updates to Wakkanai Air Station Website

Apr 23, 2004

Hello All!

I just wanted to tell you that thanks to John Neiser, we
have added more than 20 new photos, and copies of two more
editions of the Seaward Sentinel on the website. Those
issues are rich with names that had slipped my mind and
will help to identify some folks previously unidentified in
the pictures already posted.

The site now has nearly 90,000 hits and is ranked first
when you input "Wakkanai" into Google. Several other
search engines rank us in the top 5 sites when queries are
placed with them. That's great considering when this site
was begun you would have had to sort through scores of
pages to find us.

All of you have made this possible. Thank you for your
continued interest and support.

Best regards,

David W. Lynch, Website Facilitator
Wakkanai Air Station Website