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January 2004 Wakkanai AS Website Update

Jan 21, 2004

Hello All,

I hope that the new year is going well for you and your's.
Things are well on our end of the web. The website has
continued to grow. We now have over 500 images and the
guest book has many more new entries. Additional links to
sites related to Wakkanai and Northern Hokkaido have been
added as well. We have enjoyed having over 52,000 hits on
the site and the many kind words and generous contributions
to the site by Wakkanai alumni like you.

There is always room for more, so if you feel like digging
out your old Wakkanai photos and memories, please feel free
to contact me so that we can add your treasured memories to
our little site.

Any suggestions on improving the site are welcome as well.
Lloyd Swanburg, a former teacher at Wakkanai Air Station
has generously continued to help support the site with time
and resources. Thank you Lloyd!

So, give us another look. You just might find long lost

Best regards,

David Lynch
Website facilitator