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A Milestone

Feb 20, 2007

Dear Fellow Wakkanains,

I wanted to write you and let you know that the Wakkanai
Was My Home a/k/a Wakkanai Air Station Website has
surpassed the three quarters of a million hits since its
inception. I am hoping to hit the million hits mark by
this time next year. There is no gain from this other than
the satisfaction that a website I began with 60 or so
family photos now has nearly 1,200 images and many posting
from Wakkanai Alum like you.

Thank you for your many contributions and I hope pride in
the site that together, we have built. My special thanks
to Lloyd Swanburg, whose many photos, financial support,
and co-facilitation of the site have been invaluable.

There are more pictures to be posted soon. Cathy Clark,
Colonel Clark's daughter, recently sent me some photos from
the station, and those will be posted as soon as I am able.

Again, thanks to all who have contributed and to those who
have shared the Wakkanai experience.

Best regards,

David Lynch