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Wakkanai Air Station Website Newsletter

Oct 15, 2003

Hello all!

Well I made the move from Iowa City to Oklahoma City and
obtained cable internet access. I'd like to take this
opportunity to thank Lloyd Swanburg for managing the web
site during my absense. With the higher speed connection we
can now accept downloaded images of things Wakkanai; and
Lloyd and I would like to invite you to submit your
favorite Wakkanai Air Station photos. We are especially
interested in beefing up the Wakkanai Air Station before
1966 section, and eventually hope to add a before 1960
section. Anything you care to share would be great.

We now have over 370 images on the site and will continue
to add as time and resources permit. Lloyd and I agree
that the site is really not ours, but yours and ours. We
hope you will feel the same way.

So, if you have not visited the site in awhile, please come
back and check it out. We have added sections on Wakkanai
Air Station social events and an In Remembrance page to
honor those who have departed this mortal coil.

The site has nearly 28,000 hits, which is 25,000 since the
first edition of this newsletter. Thanks for your support.

Bless you all.

David Lynch, Website Facilitator