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Website Updates

Jul 23, 2006

We have several things to update you on related to the
Wakkanai Air Station Website. Bill and Nita Derr recently
wrote me to ask about Wakkanai related reunions. Since I
did not have any such information, I decided to make a
Meeting and Reunions tab to the site. If you know of any
such reunions please email me with the details at
wakkanaiairstationwebsite@yahoo.com. I will post the
announcements on the website.

We now have over 604,000 hits on the website and are
getting about 10,000 a month. Most come through Google and
MSN search engine sites. Surprisingly, most of the hits
come from first time visitors, not repeat visitors. Also, a
significant number of visitors come from Japan.

I recently corresponded with a Japanese gentleman, Mr.
Tsuguhiko Matsubara, who has a Wakkanai related website.
He has linked our site to his because we have many photos
of parts of Wakkanai that were destroyed by fire a few
years back. Mr. Matsubara was very generous and went to
the old WAS location and sent fourteen new photos of what
once was Wakkanai Air Station. These are posted in the
Wakkanai Air Station after return to Japan tab.

Lloyd Swanburg recently posted some photos of some
memorabilia he collected while in Japan. We are rapidly
approaching the 1200 image mark on the site as contributors
generously contribute to the site. Thank you to you all
for keeping the site not only alive, but dynamic in its

Best wishes to you all.

David W. Lynch
Wakkanai Air Station Website Facilitator