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Wakkanai AS Website Newletter

Aug 27, 2003

Hello all,

I hope this is not a duplicate of the one I tried to send
earlier today, but it did not show up where it should have
on the website, so I'm assuming you did not get it. If you
got two, I apologize.

Well, since the first edition of this e-mail newsletter
more than 14,000 hits on the site have occurred. The site
now has over 300 images for your viewing and remembering

Lloyd Swanburg, a former teacher at the startup phase of
the school in Wakkanai Air Station, and a frequent and
generous contributor to the site, has agreed to be a
co-facilitator for the site, and has been a great help.

Several new contributors have provided new photos, and
Lloyd and I want to thank them for their generousity as
well. More are on the way. We are particularly interested
in getting photos and remembrances from the early days, in
the 50's and early 60's because we don't have many from
those years. We will devote a new section to those years
as soon as we can obtain enough photos to do so. So dig
through those old pictures and share.

I am moving to Oklahoma City this week, so I may not be as
accessible for a few days. If you write and don't hear
back right away, please don't be offended, I'm on the move.

Lloyd and I hope you will revisit the site and we'd love to
hear back from you with comments and suggestions related to
the site.

Thanks again for your interest.

Best regards,

David Lynch, Facilitator
Wakkanai Air Station Website