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The New Wakkanai Air Station Website Newsletter

Jul 15, 2003

Hello all!

After much delay, I have been able to restart the Wakkanai
Air Station Website. We are still working to expand the
site and hope to make it as good or better than the former
site we had a couple of years ago.

Because of other obligations I have limited hours available
to make additions, but am committed to the long-term growth
of the site. There are some new pictures on the site, that
were not seen on the former site. In time I hope to have
more than 1,200 photos and images on the site. Donations
of photos have already been made will make this goal
one that can be accomplished, in the long term.

You can visit the site at:


Please visit the new site and sign the guestbook.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. You may subscribe
to the newsletter, if you like and new additions will come
to you as they are created.

Take care,

David Lynch
Web site facilitator