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Wakkanai Air Station Website News Update

Nov 11, 2005

New procedures to access guestbooks have been implemented
to help keep unwanted spammers and email address harvestors
from gaining access you guestbook entries and from being
able to post link laden postings to commercial sites.

You must now have the password to access the guest books,
old and new. All you have to do is email me, David Lynch,
at wakkanaiairstationwebsite@yahoo.com with a brief
statement establishing your connection with WAS. Most of
your posts contain the kind of information needed to gain

While this procedure is not foolproof, I hope it will cut
down on unwanted posts that have links to commecial sites
selling all kinds of things, some of which are pretty
offensive in nature.

I am sorry this has become necessary, but I am having to
spend several hours a day deleting this kind of post from
the guestbooks. If you are receiving this email I will
likely recognize your email addresses which will make it
easy to provide you with the password. Please accept my
apologies for having to implement this restrictive access

Best regards,

David Lynch, Website Moderator