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Wakkanai Air Station Website Update

Apr 22, 2005

Hello fellow Wakkanains!!! Ronald Hyatt, a 1960-62 alum of
Wakkanai Air Station recently donated some pictures taken
during his tour on WAS. The first dozen or so of those
pictures are now uploaded to the WAS before 1966 section of
the website. Soon, more of Ron's pictures will be uploaded
and over 100 other donated pictures will be available as
well. We now have over 700 images on the site and have had
over 280,000 hits on the site.

Lots of folks have been reconnected through the guestbook.
If you haven't done so already, now is a good time to
peruse the old guest book for existing entries, and make
your entry on the new guest book. One afficianado of the
site suggested starting a new guest book because those of
us who are limited to dial up service must wait a good bit
to wade through all the entries. I thought his point was
well taken, and so we have a new guestbook to fill up.

Although I have said so many times, I want to thank my
friend Lloyd Swanburg for his patient willingness to tend
to the site while I did not have web service out here in
rural New Mexico. THANKS LLOYD!!!

I also installed a convenient way to refer friends to the
site. All you do is fill in your name and email address,
your friend's name and email address, and press send. Its
that simple to share the site with friends. By the way, we
don't use your names, addresses, or any other information
you provide to the site for any commercial or any other
purposes except to help you enjoy this site and to
reconnect with old friends, and sometimes family.

I really enjoy this project and hope to do so for years to
come. Thanks again for being a really important part of
this project.

Best regards,

David Lynch, Moderator
Wakkanai Air Station Website