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Wakkanai Air Station Holiday Greetings

Dec 24, 2004

I have been very gratified with the many postings to the
guestbook this year. I feel a kinship with my fellow
Wakkanains and our bond of common experience in a place at
the edge of the earth. The comfort of shared experiences
is especially rich as I celebrate the holidays with my son
Jonathan serving as a combat medic in Iraq. This year I
reconnected with a boyhood friend I met in Wakkanai. It
has been a year filled with many blessings.

Thank you all for being a part of my little contribution to
remembering Wakkanai Air Station, Japan, and the people who
were part of that very rich experience. I wish all you you
the best for the holidays you observe, or if none, simply
for being part of our lives.

Best Wishes,

David Lynch
Wakkanai Air Station Website Facilitator