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Movie Theater showing "BARABAS"

Lloyd Swanburg offered these remembrances of the old movie theater in Downtown Wakkanai. "I remember seeing the movie, "Barabas," at this downtown movie house. The largest billboard above the entrance is for this movie." Others have commented that they remember this theater with rather risque Movie Posters. "This theater holds a number of memories for me. Once, a tsunami was forecasted for Wakkanai and as it was approaching there were alerts over the theater sound system. My Japanese girlfriend interpreted them, to my relief. On another occasion, she had gone to the restroom while I ordered refreshments and had paid for them. She returned and questioned me about the snacks, not knowing I had already paid for them. Because she was still learning English, it was difficult for me to explain to her,that I had already paid for them. I asked, "Wakarimashita?" The refreshment counter clerk and my girlfriend both found that amusing. These are but a few of the many fond memories I have of this old theater." Photo and commentary by Lloyd Swanburg.